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Question and Answer

The wedding is during the week?! Is this a mistake?

There is no mistake, (for various reasons) our wedding is indeed during the week. We really appreciate and are grateful that a lot of our family and friends will take days off from work to attend our wedding!

I am not sure if I will be able to attend, it is too early to tell. 

We want everyone to RSVP before 1st of November (as indicated on the invitation), so we can have an approximate idea about how many people will be able to attend. However, we know life is busy and unpredictable, so if suddenly you have a change of plans after the RSVP 'deadline', that is of course totally fine. Just let us know :) 

Can I bring my kid(s) to the wedding?

We have decided that we want our wedding to be kids-free. We don't hate children but we want all the adults to let go of their responsibilities and have fun. 

What gifts do you want?

The presence of all of you will be our gift! But if you really don't want to come empty handed, feel free to surprise us (if not sure, you can always ask us for our opinion) or you can contribute to one of the following things we are saving up for:

- A road trip though the US in 2025.

- Home updates.

We will put our bank account details here a few weeks before the wedding. 

What is the dresscode? 

Our wedding is an outdoor summer wedding, so we would say the dresscode for the 23rd of July is 'casual chic'. Feel free to be more on the casual side or more on the chic side, we don't really care, as long as you are present and comfortable to dance the night away :) For the ladies - thin heels might not be the best choice because the terrain is grassy and rocky, so best to go for heels that are a bit wider. 

For the 24th and 25th of July the dresscode is just 'casual' (anything you would wear during a festival or when sitting in the park).

And it goes without saying, don't forget to check the forecast before coming. We are all hoping for an amazing weather but it's good to also be prepared for a chilly weather. 

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